Friday, August 14, 2009

Strange Sounds from the Computer

So, I am sitting at my desk late yesterday afternoon working on postage when my computer starts humming and singing it's own little song.... WHAT? I checked to make sure that I hadn't left a CD in the drive ... nope, that wasn't the problem.

Then the light went on! BING! BING! BING!

Hairballs! So, I dragged out the hard drive & the vaccuum cleaner & canned air ... yep, that was the problem! Why do I always forget to dust the computer??? Glad it fussed at me and told me to CLEAN ME NOW!

This morning as I am checking emails ... I glance down to my right and find Fiona sitting comfortable on top of the computer. Hmmmm.... wonder how those hairballs found their way down there???

Life in this household is a riot when these critters get to ripping & running! NEVER a dull moment ... not even at 3am when my little love, Lash-Baby, decides I need kisses all over the face ... and I mean WET, SLOPPY kisses from this kitten!

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