Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Newest Furbaby Addition

For those of you that know me ... you know that I am a pet-crazed individual ... cats are the number one pet, but my Mini Schnauzer is like my child. :)

Ahhhhh..... big news! Drumroll please!!! We made a quick day trip to visit my bestest friend in Louisiana on Tuesday. She's been telling me about her backyard neighbor's little white schnauzer girl ... her neighbor's husband hates the dog Too yippy, too chewy, too much puppy is all --- we all KNOW that these babies need lots of stimulating activity!

We went next door to visit her pup, she was on a leash in the HEAT, rag-a-muffin, srsly did not look like a schnauzer. She looks like a malti-poo. Sweet girl, full of energy, but no one to take the time out to play. (Neighbor was just diagnosed with lupus so she isn't up to the task.)

Well, we get back to my friend's house & her neighbor calls ... if I want the dog, I can have her - FREE. So, I am now the proud owner of mini white schnauzer named PIXIE. Bless her heart, her eyes are so madded and gunky.

Her tail is docked, her ears are cropped, and her birthday is September 10th - she will be 1 yr old. She was perfect on the way home - long drive back - 4 hrs!

She went to the groomer's and got a professional clean-up ... I believe she has ear mites, but I am scheduling a vet appt for this morning so I can get her on heartworm meds and make sure she is A-Okay.

Sorry, this post is like a mini novel ... pics of the new girl are posted.

She looks completely different from when we brought her home! She looks like a schnauzer and NOT a sheep dog, lol
btw, Roxie & Jagger LOVE her --- those two babies are so good-natured! They accepted her right away.

Thanks for reading this ...


Unknown said...

Stacy, you will never regret this. My first dog was a Mini S... he was coal black with a small white stripe in his goatee. :)

He was SMART - too smart for his own good LOL - loyal, protective, loving.

We had to part after 16 years and it still brings tears to my eyes.

My last feline furbaby, Spook, had to leave me after 20 years in June.

Bless you for providing such a great home to someone that obviously needed you. :)

DayStarPrincess said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for commenting! We love our babies! We have THREE mini schnauzers (two are mine & one is Mom's). They are SO much fun! Pixie fell right in with the family - she is a great girl! Yes, we are small zoo, but I love it!!