Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay, I admit it ~ I am Facebook-challenged. I tried to set up a page three times now, but I am not sure if I've done this right? I will post a link for the page ... visit me and let me know what I've done, k?

Stacy :)

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Glama Ray said...

Hey there! LOL, it took me a while to get the hang of, too but you'll get it. I have my personal and one for Glama Ray but later realized I should have made a biz, group or fan page. When you go to (make sure you're signed out) and go to the (under the Sign Up section), bottom right of the main facebook page where it reads Create A Page for a celebrity, band or business and create it there. I am horrible at explaining but hope this can help. It's great to see you on there, anyway. Happy Day, hon!