Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Morning Musings ...

Wow! I cannot believe it is Saturday! Where did this past week go??? It's was crazy-busy here ....


Tuesday ~ fast round trip to Louisiana ..ha, nothing fast about 4hrs one way, but we did it! Had a great time visiting with Steph & her family. I seriously tried to steal her beautiful flame-point himalayan kitty ...stuffed him under my tank top & everything, but alas .. his furry fluffy tail stuck out and I was busted. LOL

As you read in the blog yesterday ...we didn't come home empty-handed dog along with the cat we went to rescue for a friend of mine. :)

Thursday ~ went to an Open House at Ciao Bella Medical Day Spa & Salon ~ that was fun to meet & greet the staff. All the ladies are wonderful & I cannot wait to have something ...not sure what... but something done to my face or lips or eyes, lol. Besides a FULL BODY MASSAGE! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.......'nuff said.

Friday ~ Motely Crue came to The Woodlands, Texas!! We stood in linve over 45 mins to get in's so different than back in the 80s & 90s ... so high-tech with their metal detectors & junk! Takes more time to get thru the gates. We have a great time ~ my throat is a little sore this morning & my legs are achy, but other than I am good! Yes, I love Motley Crue even if they are a bunch of crude guys, once a Metal Lover always a Metal Lover!!!!!!

So, it's Saturday ~ besides working a bit in the shop ~ we aren't doing too much. Thinking about going to the lake later this afternoon and hunt arrowheads. CHEAP & FREE entertainment ~ you can't beat that!

I'll sign off for now ... have a great weekend!

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