Monday, May 25, 2009

AD: May 25th thru June 1st Specials!

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Sale Begins Monday at 12:00 am May 25, 2009
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20% off the following oils:
(8 ounce & 16 ounce sizes ONLY)

THE ORIGINAL & THE BEST "Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies" fragrance oil on the
market! Our custom-blend - delicious aroma of freshly baked butter cookies sweetened
with a dollop of tart, ripe blackberry jam!

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Not so! This is a sultry yet clean
fragrance. Each time I encounter this fragrance my mind drifts to a tall, dark,
handsome man fresh from the shower; dressing for the big night out on the town.
Cuff links on the nearby counter, black tie draped casually across a chair…
This fragrance has a hint of citrus mingled in with the cleanliness and a soft,
flutter of musk at the very, very base. While it is more masculine in its
nature, it is not a "cologne" type fragrance – it is yet another complex, and
hard-to-describe fragrance, but it is good!

Soap Silly Wholesale Supplies
Sweet, succulent, sun-kissed strawberries just picked from the vine at their
fullest peak of juicy ripeness.

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