Monday, August 10, 2009

Saponifier's 3rd Annual Reader's Choice "Supplier Awards"

Below is an email that I received today ... would like to pass it along to you. Go vote and you do not have to vote for Day-Star. The choices listed are short and not many which is crazy because there are TOO MANY GREAT SUPPLIERS out there to choose from besides the few listed. Go vote & rock the boat with your vote! Make your voice loud & count!




Here we are again, collecting data for the Saponifier's 3rd annual Readers Choice "Supplier Awards"

Since the past two years 'Supplier Awards' proved to be so popular across the industry, we've opened the polls for 2009!

This has proved immensely popular, both with suppliers and readers, so we have decided to make this an ongoing effort every year. The industry seems to love it, and has drawn so much interest both far-and-wide making our 'Awards' issue the largest one- both in single-copy sales as well as new subscribers.

If you would like to pass along the survey link to your customers, you can directly link to it at

Don't delay! This survey closes midnight on August 27th.

(Our 2009 Winners will be published in the November issue.)

p.s. Please feel free to copy this & post to YOUR blog! Share it ~ pass it along!


Saponifier said...

Thanks Stacy, for the mention!

I would just like to state - The companies that are listed, consist of last year's winners. We've also included a 'other' open option that others can use to nominate their choice of any supplier for each category.

The first year, all of the questions were open-ended, and the votes were tallied to find the most popular, 2nd, and 3rd, and so on. Last year, in order to make the tallying less laborious, we listed the three top companies voted upon the year before, and included a blank space for another supplier. We did the same this year.

DayStarPrincess said...

Thanks for your comment! I am updating the blog with the newest information sent this afternoon from the Saponifier.

Saponifier said...

8/11/2009 UPDATE: We have reset the entire count, asking those who have already taken the survey to resubmit their answers. It has been brought to our attention that the original survey might have appeared leading or suggestive in ways we did not intend.

Updated Supplier Awards Survey Link

DayStarPrincess said...

Thanks for the updated link!
No worries, we are updating our posts now! Thank you for taking the time to contact Day-Star Candle & Soap Supply!
Stacy :)