Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miscellaneous Afternoon Musings

It's Tuesday, right?


This week has already started off with a "BANG!" ... it all began when I dropped dear hubby off at rental car facility late Sunday afternoon ... as I began to drive off he yelled back to me that he forgot his work boots. :( He must wear his steel-toed work boots on this job - period. Did I mention that the rental car facility is a good 45 mins away from our house??? He first thought that he would just come back home and then drive back out to the job. I talked him out of that ... too much driving with too many weekenders headed home. So, to make it easiest on us both he went to Academy and bought an inexpensive pair of boots. Whew, that was easy enough, eh? Life with a man is NEVER dull!!

I survived Monday's ordeal of housework. Geesh, I really need a maid, LOL. No, I take that back - it's not so bad when Hubby is out on a job. He is the mess-maker so I am enjoying a clean house this week while he is at work. :-)

Really excited about Wednesday night!! Another concert in The Woodlands!! I am taking my son, sis-in-law, & nephew. It's DEF LEPPARD / POISON / CHEAP TRICK. It should be just loud enough without any lewdness for the two boys. My son is excited.

While all this is happening .. I am working orders ... don't fret ~ yours in on its way!!

Well, my blog is boring, but that is just me. I eat, sleep, breathe fragrance oils ... didn't think you'd want hear about all that tho?

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