Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Musings ...

Sitting here at my computer with a fat cat, Fiona, in my lap. This girl loves to "lick, lick, BITE" my arm as I try to type. Heck, here she goes again ..... Love bites stink, but I wuv this silly girl. Her photo is posted on the blog ... :)

Went to buy groceries today - what a terrible day & time to do that!! Mid-morning on a Saturday and the FIRST of the month! Everyone was out and in the store!

Whew, I managed to get what I needed, but still forgot the trash bags, LOL.

Our county is small and where I live we do not have local trash pick up. We have two dump locations that we take our trash to ... I betcha those men at the dump think that I am one "trashy" girl because I have so much trash to take out every few days. With as many cats that I have comes a lot of poo ... that mean a lot of poopie litter to clean out ... along with one caged rabbit.

I really wish we had a recyling facility close, but in the boon-docks that I am, no such luck. However I do believe the recycle paper & cardboard ... that's good to know, but I use old newspaper for packaging as long as I can get my hands on it!

I am working on our newsletter for August announcements. We have two NEW fragrances coming out plus our tried & true Fall & Holiday favorites from last year. We are not adding too many fall & holiday scents this year since so many of our day-to-day fragrances we carry year round will work just as great for the upcoming season.

I'm having a rather "lazy" Saturday afternoon ... thinking about starting a new book. So many books ... so little time!! Just read Patricia Briggs "Mercy Thompson" series ... cannot wait for another one to come out! I need to start her "Alpha & Omega" series now. I never really thought that I would like the paranormal genre, but I really do! It's fantasy ... nothing wrong with that ... I think that is what held me back for a bit, but I am happy to have crossed over into this new genre.

I guess I've rambled enough ... my son just walked outside so I will do the same ... think I'll go pester my mom, lol. It's hot as Hades here so I won't be outside too long!!

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Glama Ray said...

Love your blog and your spirit and I feel ya pain when it comes to the kitties and their pooh. I've got 8 rescues myself. My hubby calls it little nuggets of love ... yeah, right. There has to be some use for this stuff! And WOW! I just found your discount code and will be placing an order tonight. Thank you for this, you rock and God Bless you.