Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Additions - Part TWO

Hey all!

Told ya that we had more goodies to be added ... our awesome web designer is updating the site now with our newest fragrances.

In the meantime, here is what is being added:

Holiday Pomander
Too good to offer only once a year! This scent is nothing less than an orange pomander with prickly cloves for decoration!


Ambre en Bois
This fragrance is very hard to pinpoint exact notes, but we can tell you that is begins with rich amber notes and ends exotic woods background.

Bamboo Cedar
This is a very unique blend of true cedarwood on a background of green bamboo notes. Truly a very nice and different fragrance!

Bois de Vetiver
This fragrance is the essence of the rich and luxurious scent of vetiver. This is very nice, upscale scent – a great offering to any line!

Citron et Fleur
This fragrance begins with complex and intriguing notes of fresh citrus on a soft floral-woody background.

This is our interpretation of a famous shampoo known for relaxation and renewal of energy.
Very soothing and relaxing fragrance!

Maravu” translated means calm and tranquil. Let the spirit of this soft, glorious fragrance transport you to a calm and tranquil place. This has top uplifting notes of lavender with a special blend of tranquil notes. Let your mind take a journey to peaceful serenity.

Pear Tranquility
This doesn’t sound like a “spa” scent, but wait until you sniff it! This opens with a peaceful, scent of a juicy pear – so refreshing that you will swear that the juice is dripping down your chin! It ends on a note of “mystery” – is it a hint of spice? It’s just good!

Sacred Tranquility
A slightly medicinal scent with refreshing and clean notes that will bring blessed tranquility to your life as you lay back and reflect on the day’s end.

Sweet Oblivion
We’ve pondered and pondered on describing this unique scent, but each time we smell this it has a bit more depth. This fragrance is clean with soft floral notes, but has more depth that we can describe. We adore this scent and think “Ah, sweet oblivion!” when each time we sniff it!

As you relax with hints of eucalyptus and soft mint notes you will begin to unwind and forget your troubles with this relaxing scent. Let go of our inhibitions and become as one with your body and soul!

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