Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Additions - PART THREE!

Our last collection for the year-

Texans are proud of their Southern heritage. Remember the slogan Don’t Mess With Texas! We are full of pride for our dear state of Texas yet very hospitable to newcomers as we Texans are known for. In keeping with the spirit of the South, we are offering a small-tailored collection of Southern-themed fragrances to you.

Southern Cape Jasmine
Growing up in South East Texas my great-grandmother had a treasured gardenia bush. This bush would grow as tall as the house with the most-fragrant, large, white blooms in late May each year. My family always referred to this as a Cape Jasmine rather than Gardenia. The scent of this bloom is headier than the smaller gardenia blooms that you find these days. We are very excited to have found the perfect Cape Jasmine scent. This is truly a treasure to sniff!

Southern Fruitcake
Just in time for the holidays! This is so good that we will continue to offer this all year! So many people turn their noses up at the dreaded holiday fruitcake! An old joke about just HOW OLD IS THE FRUITCAKE? or how many times has it been passed on to the next person? No chance of this yummy creation aging! Our blend begins with opening notes of roasted nuts mixed in a yellow cake batter, hints of diced cherries and dried raisins with a splash of rum and vanilla. Delicious!

Southern Gentleman
Wowzers! This scent is so handsome! Tall, dark, and handsome to be exact!! Close your eyes: picture this - a rugged cowboy fresh from the shower with a hint of cologne.

Southern Hospitality
Nothing says Down-Home Southern cooking better than the warm goodness coming from the kitchen! This scent captures the notes of a true Southern kitchen baking … hints of delicious vanilla, nutmeg, and various spices. Yum!

Southern Iced Tea
Nature’s Cauldron formulation
Nothing says South better than a glass of ice-cold sweet tea! Believe it or not, but this fragrance is just that! Fresh, clean scent of tea without any lemon or honey. Just like your granny used to make! This is a very homey and unisex scent. (Formerly known as “Black Tea”, but we think this name fits even better!)

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