Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wishing each of you a very Happy New Year! If you're going to be out on New Year's Eve, PLEASE be safe!!

Thanks to each of you for the great Year-End Sale! You are so appreciated!!

We need to begin clearing out our Christmas fragrance oils so stay tuned to the blog for announcements on discounts, etc.

An update of OUT OF STOCK fragrances as of December 28, 2007

Please note - these oils are out of stock and will not be back until after the first of the new year (with the exception of the holiday fragrances).

Regular Line:
Apache Tears
Autumn Celebration
Beau Rivage
Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies
Forbidden Pomegranate
Green Tea & Ginger
Hunter's Moon
Purple Haze
Saddle Shop
Sock it to Me! Cake
Sweet Grass
White Chocolate Mac Nut Cookies

Premium Line:
Arabian Heat
Black Raspberry & Vanilla Cream
Chergui Winds
Enchanter's Dance
Nutty Nut Vanilla
Sunset Magic
Tolu type

Dreamy Desserts:
Magnificent Seven
Petits Choux

Holiday Collection:
Christmas Cookies

Thanks everyone...
Stacy :)

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