Friday, May 23, 2008


Wishing each of you a Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Be safe and have a great time!

What's new this week at Day-Star?

Regular Line Additions:
·Baies Fouettes
·Buckets of Blueberries
·Daffy for Daffodils
·Darlin' Clementine
·Drizzled Honey-Vanilla Creme
·Flapper Girl
·Grape Googly Moogly!
·Kiwi Kisses
·Pixie Dust
·Wood Nymph

Premium Line Additions:
·Amazed (compare to Amazing Grace by Philosphy brand)
·d'Ambre Empire (compare to Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire brand)
·Simply Delicious Cherry Pie (compare to Simply Divine Cherry Pie by Bath & Body Works brand)
Enjoy the weekend!

Free Shipping ...

All orders over $50.00 will receive FREE SHIPPING* for this weekend!
No need to enter a code at checkout - if your order totals $50.00 & over you will automatically receive FREE SHIPPING*!


* Free Shipping for USA Customers
* 1/2 Off Shipping for International Customers

Spend over $100.00 & you will receive a (1) FREE 8 ounce bottle of fragrance - your choice from below:

* Daiquiri Luxe
* Sugar Bubbles
* Wood Nymph

Special begins NOW: Friday May 23rd
Special ends: Tuesday, May 27th at 12:00 pm

Sampler Packs - Limit (2) Sampler Packs PER customer
Pre-Existing orders, Pre-Buy oils, backordered oils, etc. are NOT applicable
Coupons, discounts, etc. are not applicable for this sale

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