Saturday, April 26, 2008


This will be a FAST BUY! It will run for only ONE WEEK so PLEASE order NOW. The oils for this buy are discontinued and will no longer be stocked - only available in BULK or when we run a special buy!

The FAST BUY pricing is at a discount so STOCK UP now and SAVE!

Depending on how well this buy goes ~ we may be persuaded to keep a few of the fragrances in stock once again!


This FAST Buy Officially begins on Monday, April 28th, but it is uploaded on the website so feel free to begin your shopping!!!

All the fragrances are skin safe / cold-process tested and candle-tested with excellent results.

·Must meet a minimum of 10#s per each fragrance
·If minimums are not met, we may extend the FAST Buy
·Order now to receive the special pricing listed
·Samples are not available during this FAST Buy
·Free Shipping, Discounts, etc. are not applicable for this FAST Buy
·FAST Buy Begins OFFICIALLY April 28, 2008 and Ends May 5, 2008


An excellent interpretation of the delicious Italian dessert! Golden ladyfingers drenched in sweet Amaretto and robust espresso topped with sprinkles of rich cocoa and a fat dollop of heavy whipped cream. Careful, you maybe inclined to take a sip straight from the bottle!
8oz $9.95
16oz $16.95
32oz $31.90

~*~BIT O' HONEY~*~
This smells exactly like the chewy candies we all loved as a child! You will NOT be disappointed with this fragrance!!
8oz $9.95
16oz $16.95
32oz $31.90

Day-Star's unique interpretation of the popular scent "Boheme". Softly opens with a wisp of sharp green; hint of bergamot, lemon, and galbanum. Lingering at the heart of this fragrance is its dry, elegant notes of Bulgarian rose and clove bud. It ends with tempting notes of amber, sandalwood, and tobacco.
8oz $10.95
16oz $28.95
32oz $55.90

This is a custom-blend for Day-Star! Sweet, tart summer treats of tangy, crushed, red cranberries with delicious, ripe banana ending with a hint of pure, sweet lemon juice.
8oz $9.95
16oz $16.95
32oz $31.90

A deliciously light and fruity fragrance with notes of fresh raspberries, strawberries, apples with green melon notes and ends with a hint of musk.
8oz $9.95
16oz $16.95
32oz $31.90

A custom blend for Day-Star! Indulge your senses with this complex fragrance with a begins with a hint of warm brown sugar; delicate pink freesia petals; indulgent Madagascar vanilla bean; pure jasmine absolute; and ending with a slight hint of nag champa.
8oz $11.95
16oz $22.95
32oz $43.90

Thanks so much!
Stacy Herrod & The Day-Star Crew

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