Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gatherings and Such

A big THANK YOU goes out to Barbara over at the Dish for her supportive PM.

I want to take a moment to let each of you know that I did not have any idea of the situation that is taking place. I receive so many requests for sponsorships & such for the many different state gatherings that I try to help out if possible. Lesson learned. With that said, I will try to keep up with the Dish a bit better ~ it just gets too fast for me tho at times, lol.

I do try to pop in as much as possible here at the Dish, but I try to steer clear of any sitcky situations. And, this is clearly a very sticky situation.

I do not endorse nor do I get involved with shady business ethics. II appreciate my customers and value my reputation. If you ever have an issue, PLEASE email or PM me. I seem to be out of the loop so to speak when it comes to these situations.

I sincerely hope this has shed some light here for you all. I did send an email to the person (see below):

dated 02/21/08

Dear ****,

After recent events, I would like for you to remove my company name from your vendor list. I am not certain what is taking place, but I would prefer to not be involved at this time. I prefer to stay on neutral ground. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Stacy Herrod

Day-Star Cande & Soap Supply, llc will NOT be involved in way, shape, or form with this particular gathering.

Now, I'm off to walk the treadmill before this morning gets away from me!
Thank you for your time & reading this,

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