Saturday, November 17, 2007

TONS of New Fragrances!

We have added a TON of new fragrances to the website! As you may have already found some of these ... so here are the newest additions:
Our Regular Line:
"Berry Crazy"
Berries! Berries! And more berries! Our fragrance smells just like a fresh bucketful of ripe berries ready to eat! If you love fruity scents, this one is for you!
"Berry Twist & Shout!"
This is a juicy boysenberry blended with a hint of dirt and green goodness! Fresh-off-the vine boysenberry!
"Butterfly Garden"
Bees softly hovering atop the gentle blossoms of the flower garden; butterflies fluttering in the air; and the crickets singing their magical songs in the distance all the while you are laying in the hammock swaying with the gentle breeze of the afternoon. This fragrance captures the moments of the spring afternoon with hints of soft floral notes and is sweetened with a touch of fruit.
"Butterscotch Kisses"
Rich and delicious butterscotch! Hurry! Grab a handful of candies and dig in!
"Coco d’Amande"
This is the perfect blend of rich coconut with almond. It’s an even blend with a true to its name coconut! You’re going to love this!
"Ethereal Daydreams"
Daydreams under a fluffy clouded-sky… the hum of crickets; chirping of birds; this fragrance is airy, light, but so completely wonderful! It’s a lazy day with nothing better to do than snooze in the hammock! Our fragrance opens with notes of a crisp garden cucumber; hints of a sweet melon, juicy pears, and freshly cut green grass ending on a heavenly note of white musk. A heavenly combination that will surely leave you wanting to daydream!
"Ginger Pumpkin Snap"
Great addition to any bakery line! This is such a yummy dessert cookie with a twist – traditional gingersnaps with a hint of pumpkin added. Yum!
"Holiday Pomander"
Too good to offer only once a year! This scent is nothing less than an orange pomander with prickly cloves for decoration.
A gorgeous fragrance that opens with a floral explosion of tropical flowers including top notes of island gardenia and tuberose blossoms with a touch of powder notes ending on hints of exotic woods.
"Lemon Sugar & Candied Violets"
Amazing! This scent is gorgeous! It is true to its name! Hints of lemon sugar with sweet, sticky notes of candied violets! This scent has just a touch of perfume to give it an added “upscale” note. We are in love with this!!
"Petal Sprinkles & Shea"
This delicate blends starts with hints of soft floral; middle notes heady sandalwood; ending on notes of delicious white musk all this with just a hint of sugar sprinkles! This is such a lovely scent – we are sure that you will agree!
"Sugar Bubbles"
This is a sticky sweet, effervescent scent that will be a fun addition to any line! It is really hard to describe – it reminds me of an old-favorite bubble bath scent that I used as a child. Fun! Fun!
"Sun-Drenched Raspberry"
Ahh! This is a super-summer or anytime fragrance! Juicy ripe raspberries with a hint of citrus! Excellent interpretation of the famous raspberry that is on everyone’s tongue! Try it – we know that you will agree that it is awesome!
"Sweet Pea Petals"
Our fragrance is the soft scent of sweet pea petals with notes of fruits and soft musk. This is a beautiful scent and will be a great addition to any line!
We are also working on a two NEW custom-tailored collections for you! Stay tuned!

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