Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hi Friends!

It seems that I just posted this same urgent message a few weeks ago! Ah, living in the Gulf Coast Region and Hurricane Season = what a mess!

We are under a weather advisory at this time - Hurricane "GUSTAV" is headed our way! We are going to be working orders up until the storm hits us. We are preparing for the storm, but will not be evacuating.

We may be without electricity so we have stockpiled gasoline and prepped the generator.

(fyi - we are 60 miles north of Houston - we are pretty close to the Gulf so we get a lot of the crazy weather!)

Please keep us in your thoughts! I am praying that we won't have any damaging winds to knock our electricity out, but with these crazy storms you just never know!

So, if you do not hear from me ... this is why! Bad weather = no electricty!

For all the folks in the path of the storm - STAY SAFE!

Thank you!
Stacy & the Day-Star Crew

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