Sunday, January 16, 2011


Dear Customers:

As many of you may know we have launched our website's new look!
YES! I screwed up with the new look!! At the time the template was being worked we both had old monitors so it look good, but now with a widesreen we are both very aware of the funk this has created. I do understand that the fragrance descriptions are not lining up correctly in order to view the entire page.
Please be patient as my web designer works to remedy this situation.

I do want everyone to know that I CHOSE this new template for the website. The web designer is working with it ONLY because I asked for this template. I CHOSE the colors and the new font for the Day-Star logo ~ not my web designer.

If you have concerns, comments, or complaints, please email me personally at and not my web designer. She is only doing what I've asked.

Again, I ask that you please be patient while this situation is remedied.
I appreciate and value each of you.

Please feel free to contact via text message at 936-239-0610

Stacy Herrod


Unknown said...

Hi I would like to order the Ginger fragrance, but I'm not able to add it to my cart, please help!

thejoyofbathing said...

much better,thank you for fixing web pages,:)

saddlesinc said...

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