Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Day-Star Candle & Soap Supply, llc is STILL ALIVE! We are NOT "gone out of business" ~ I am not sure what is being said, but a couple of concerned & loyal customers have emailed me. (To be honest, I really do not even want to go there as to what is being said ... I just want to clear the air.) We are still here & busy working on getting our orders out within a 2-3 day time Period.

IF we do not answer the telephone - we are in the shop, please leave a message & we will return the call AS SOON AS WE POSSIBLY CAN.

I cannot stress enough that the ABSOLUTE BEST way to contact me is via an email! I can reply to an email at ANY TIME of the day or late night. INFO@DAYSTARSUPPLIES.COM

IF you do NOT receive a return email, please try again because sometimes gmail.com seems to think that it should be sent to my SPAM FOLDER!! If all else fails, email both: INFO@DAYSTARSUPPLIES.COM && STACYLYNNHERROD@YAHOO.COM

I want to assure you: business is keeping me VERY, VERY BUSY - BUT, I am the ONE & ONLY of Day-Star so I am doing it all & keeping it all together ON TIME. As a matter of fact, I am not even taking my scheduled vacation because I do NOT have the spare time to do so. The sandy beaches will have to wait, lol.

I hope this has cleared up any unresolved thoughts or issues that you may have had.

Thank you,
Stacy H :)

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