Thursday, April 17, 2008

Updated List of DEP-Free Fragrances

Here is an updated list of our fragrance oils that do NOT contain DEP.
Please note that we are still working on this so the list is not complete.

Ahoy, Matey
Amber Essence Nepal
Apache Tears
Arabian Heat
AXIS Essence Elixir
AXIS Phoenix Rises Above
AXIS Recovery Limits
AXIS Reload your Spirit
AXIS Tsunami Clash
Banana Spice Bread
Banana Split
Black Raspberry & Vanilla Cream
Black Vetyver Coffee
Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies
Blooming Southern Belle
Blooming Southern Magnolia
Blooming Tropics
Blue Sugar Kisses
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar & Candied Figs–
Buttercream Frosting
Cake Bake
Cake Batter
Cantaloupe Lily
Canyon de Chelly
Caramel Coffee Latte
Chergui Winds
China Blossoms
Chocolate Fever
Chocolate Silk Frappuccino
Cinnamon Glazed Baklava
Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti
Coconut Macaroons
Coconut Pear
Coffee Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
Creamy Baby Bouquet
Cuppa Chai, Please
Decadent Orange Fluff Cake
Enchanter’s Dance
Flaming Black Russian
Flora Explosion
Forbidden Pomegranate
French-Light-As-Air Croquembouche
Fresh Lemon Slices
Fuji Flora Sunset
Ginger Lime – Serendipities Scents
Got Milk?
Grapefruit Lily
Hey! Hey! Cute Cabana Boy
Honey Bee Sweet
Hunter’s Moon
Iced Lemon Biscotti
Ile Flottante
Incredible Baked Cherry Delight
Juicy Grapefruit
Kai type
Lemon Sugar & Candied Violets
Lime Sugar Drops
Monkey Farts
Mulled Spices & Cider
Nutty Nut Vanilla
Parsley Water
Peaceful Mango Breeze
Peach Jam Cheesecake
Pear Tranquility
Pina Colada
Pink Sugar Kisses
Pumpkin Harvest
Purple Haze
Queen of D’Nile
Raspberries & White Roses
Rock Candy
Root Beer Granita Float
Saddle Shop
Sampaquita Promises
Sandalwood & Clary Sage
Serendipity Divine
Sensuous Beauty
Shampoo de Luxe
Shortbread Cookie Snaps
Simply Vanilla
Stacy’s Sticky Toffee
Sticky Batter
Stone-Washed Cotton
Sugar Water
Sunset Magic
Sweet Madeleine
Tangled in Barbwire
Tea for a Dozen
Thai Coco Martini
Tolu type
Tres Magnifique
Tropical Fruit Slices
Vanilla Banana
Vanilla Bean Cookies
Vanilla Delicious
Vanilla Lavender
Vanilla Mocha
Vanilla of Madagascar
Vanilla Peach
Woods & Bitter Coffee
Vanilla Rum Raisin Balls
Watermelon Martini
Wehi Lani
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie
Wild Honeysuckle Blossoms
Winter Blues
Wood Vanilla
Wood Violet & Sugar Maple
Woods & Bitter Coffee

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